Level Design Contest

These are two levels that I made for the Terrorarium Level Design contest. The levels were constructed using Terrorarium’s level creation editor consisting of modular assets. The player must guide their minions through an obstacle course of death and destruction on their quest to the end flower, while avoiding enemies and solving puzzles along the way.

Project Details:
Engine – Terroarium Maker Mode
Team Size – 1
Contest dates: February 20th 2020 – April 1st 2020

Level 1:

In creating level 1, the main goal was to make sure the player always knew what their objective was and where they needed to go at all times. I achieved this by placing the end flower in the center of the level so that players could always see it no matter where they were. I then placed the player’s spawn location right next to the end flower, just out of reach. Doing this immediately lets the player know where they are trying to go the second they load into the level. Lastly, I constructed the environment and made paths that help guide the player towards the end, giving a sense of progression through the level.

Level 2:

The goal for level 2 was to make a more unconventional level by starting the player in the center of the map causing them to work their way out along the perimeter. To fit with the dark, lava covered environment, I made the majority of puzzles revolve around avoiding fire or using it to clear pathways. I also added challenges such as timed fire obstacles, enemy encounters, and road blocks on journey to the end flower.