Level Project – Modded level

This is a custom Black Ops 3 Zombies map made using the BO3 mod tools in the Radiant editor. The level is set in a modern-day mall that has been recently overrun by zombies. The level’s play-space features a large food court area with a storage room and shops attached. The has also has custom mystery box guns, perk machine models, VFX, and Sounds.
 (This level is still a work in progress. Information and photos will be updated regularly.)

Project Details:
Engine – Radiant Black BO3 Mod Tools
Team Size – 1
Project Timeline – Work in Progress (80+ hours so far)

Steam Workshop:

*Coming Soon*

Level Layout:

*More Screenshots below*

Level Intentions:

I started this project with the intentions of learning how to use the Radiant editor. I wanted to create a level that would challenge me to learn more then just the basics while also being a map players would enjoy and want to play. I first decided upon the mall theme for the level after seeing pictures from inside a real-life abandoned mall. I thought the setting would make for a great level and the food court specifically would be a fun playable area. The food court allowed me to be very creative while also providing some context to the perks by having them be sodas players can purchase at the various restaurants. As the project continued, I shifted the theme away from being ‘abandoned’ and decided to make the mall more modern while keeping the same open layout of the food court.

I plan on publishing this map to the steam workshop and eventually making an expanded version that would allow players to traverse other parts of the mall.

Early Level Layout Sketches