Level Project – Modded level

Balgruuf (Jarl of Whiterun) has given you a quest to retrieve his sword located in the vault of an old Nordic dungeon. Traverse your way through a series of rooms and caves as you fend off enemies trying to keep you from the sword. Defeat the Vault keeper, Get your loot, and make it out alive.

Project Details:
Engine – Skyrim Creation Kit
Team Size – 1
Project Timeline – September 2019 to December 2019

Level Layout:

Level Intentions:
The intention behind this project was to create a modded Skyrim dungeon that could fit seamlessly into the original game, yet doesn’t turn out generic and boring. The challenge was to create a re-imagined version of Skyrim’s original dungeons with new twists such as mini boss encounters and branching paths.

Early Level Layout Sketches

Screen Shots:

Full Level Walk-through: